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Our Story

kakadu - A Place to Belong

In 1960s Lagos, Nigeria, a nation revels in the end of colonialism and the promise of a bright future. The vibrant city, as colorful and hedonistic as any European counterpart, is centered around Kakadu, a popular nightclub that serves as a melting pot of music genres and fashion styles. From Anglo-American pop to Latin beats, Highlife, and ballroom, Kakadu’s live music mirrors the diverse tastes of the time.

The musical follows the journey of four friends through an era of boundless possibilities. Reflecting the ethnic diversity of the newly independent country, the friends navigate the jubilant atmosphere of Kakadu under the charismatic management of Lord Lugard, a larger-than-life figure symbolizing the pleasure-seeking spirit of the club.

However, the narrative takes a turn with military coups triggering a chain of events leading to the Biafran War. The evolving political landscape brings about changes in the friends’ relationships, exploring themes of dreams, hope, peace, war, friendships, broken promises, pain, loss, and love amidst innocence.

“Kakadu the Musical” seamlessly blends the Western music influences of the swinging sixties with highlife, afrobeat, contemporary, and traditional Nigerian folk music. The result is an eclectic musical journey that captures the spirit of a transformative period in African history.

The Producers

Uche Nwokedi SAN


Kanayo Omo


Benneth Ogbeiwi

Musical Director