Kakadu the Musical, A nation celebrates the end of colonialism and the promise of a bright new future in a city that is as colourful and hedonistic as any European city in the 60s. At the heart of the city is Kakadu, a popular nightclub and a mecca of music of all genre and fashion. During this period, Kakadu’s live music encompassed Anglo-American pop, Latin beat, Highlife and even ballroom. This jubilant music added to the stunning swinging sixties costumes, extravagant hairstyles and the assimilation of western attitudes gives Kakadu the Musical a stylish and exuberant sense of time and place.

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Press and Awards

  • Complete theatre that educates, enlightens, and entertains all at the same time”.

    Funke Aboyade SAN,
    The Lawyer Magazine, Thisday
  • Excellent, Brilliant, Masterpiece ! A metaphor for excellence !

    Benson Idonije
    The Guardian May 24 2013
  • "Kakadu is as much a narrative of post independence Nigeria as it is a wonderfully varied musical journey. If you are so jaded that the human story doesn’t get you, the music most definitely will. More likely, both of them will test every pore in your mind”.

    Ike Oguine
    Midweek Art, the Guardian
  • “Kakadu” set in a night club of the same name is brilliant on several levels. Its main characters are richly complex and marvellously drawn. The richest character may well be Kakadu itself, an amalgam of energies, dreams, peoples and narratives”.

    Professor Okey Ndibe
    Daily Sun April 23, 2013
  • Like Theolonius Monk’s technique of playing by “approximating the notes in between”, Kakadu’s rubric is to explore the liminal spaces between the character’s lives and their collective relationship with this new fangled contraption called Nigeria.

    Tunji Lardner Jr.
  • It is exciting and innovative both in concept and execution, with a personalised story line behind the ambitious concept of metaphor for Nigeria with the club as a symbol of the infinite possibilities of the independence era.

    Kaye Whiteman
    Business Day
  • “If the mark of a good stage production is it’s ability to hold the audience’s attention and evoke emotion(s) in them, then ‘Kakadu, the Musical’ was definitely a great one.”

    Adebola Rayo.
  • The show is a winning combination of show-stopping numbers, brilliant dance routines, colourful period costumes and a powerful narrative of love and loss. Something to sing and dance about.

    International Reviews
    British Airways High Life Magazine - November 2013
  • It is as timely now as it would have been back in the 1960’s

    Sarah Rundell
    BBC News Africa
  • An inspiring tune!

    The Economist
“The most outstanding Total Stage Performance” for 2013
“Voted No 1 on Top 5 countdown of the most outstanding plays.”
– Jara

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